Thrumming Textures: Acoustic Guitar

Texture created from a Cort acoustic guitar close-miked using a single AKG C451 B....

The story

In a series of new submissions called Thrumming Textures, beginning here, I present my Cort acoustic guitar. I have had this instrument for about 8 years and have never managed to play it properly. Despite that, I regularly record it, often playing just one voice at a time to form a larger textural pad under my arrangements.

This library is a diatonically sampled, single-dynamic-layer instrument, close-miked using a single AKG C451 B. I sampled each note twice to add stereo width; using my finger on one side and plectrum on the other. I used some EQ and compression to glue it together and added a subtle delay up an octave to give it a bright edge.

A special thanks to Matt Mahan for putting together a Kontakt version!

I hope you find this library to be useful!


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  • Delayed Acoustic guitars

    This library has a great-sounding acoustic guitar. I'm a bit mystified by the large gaps at the beginning of all of the samples. For me, it greatly reduced the playability of this sample pack. There's got to be a reason for the huge and seemingly random amount of dead air at the beginning of each sample, and it's just my shortcoming as a composer and musician that I don't get it. Even after tightening up the start times, you still get the semi-random thumping effect, but you have better control over when the sound starts. The highest sample is also assigned the wrong root key. I think there's a lot to love about these samples, and with some tweaking, the library becomes much more playable. I think it comes down to your personal philosophy about how you use samples. It's interesting when you're presented with something that's clearly well done and well thought out and musical, but which flies in the face of your own personal approach to using samples. I think that's what's going on here.

    Sam Ecoff21 October 2021
  • Inspirational glimmers!

    Another addition to the thrumming Textures is always welcome. This time it's all about that characteristic acoustic guitar sound. The textures generated are very nice and the range is quite good, although I am a bit turned off by the noise in the samples, which you can hear as soon as you press the key, since there is a small delay before the "thrumming" actually happens. Not a dealbreaker though by any means.

    Alex Raptakis20 October 2021
  • Repeating tone of very soft guitar sound

    Softly repeating guitar. It is just like how he has done with Strings library I think. I found this very inspiring, just by pressing one key you get this!

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Don't play this like a guitar, and you'll be fine.

    Well, maybe start out playing it like a guitar - but you'll quickly run into the timing problem. So, either start out with heavily modded attack and release times, and crank up the reverb or better still, turn the reverb off, and use a combination of short ping-pong and longer, perhaps worn tape delay to knock the rather rigid timing of the "thrumming" into a less guitar-like instrument. Or play it like a guitar, and work around the timing. I like this library very much and perhaps should invest some time in doing a demo to put my money time where my mouth review is...

    Ronan McDermott14 October 2021
  • Beautiful tone but slightly random

    I love the sound of this instrument but there have been a few times where i wanted to incorporate it into a track but the way the rhythm of the "thrumming" is programmed just didn't really work out for what i was going for. This isn't really a negative though, i still think this instrument is really cool and i look forward to finding a place for it

    septemberwalk14 October 2021