The story

All happened on a cold Friday morning.
I woke up from a long sleep at 7 am, made a cup of tea and sat in my kitchen
I started hearing sounds like a gentle tapping on a glass or a metal pan,
it kept going I was so curious to know what was this sound it was 2 different melodies ringing together
I tracked the sound and found a big butterfly stuck in the kitchen closet where my mother kept her beautiful old wine glasses
The butterfly trying to get out flying and touching wine glasses with its wings making this beautiful sound.

Those glasses are old and handmade, every one has its own unique sound.
So I thought why not to capture this beautiful ringing sound and turn it into a song or a melody
I decided to make it so that everyone can enjoy this beautiful sound.

I recorded everything using philips voice tracker
I was amazed how it captured the sound

I started watching the legend Christian Henson channel on youtube talking about sampling, sounds and how to enjoy making sample libraries

And then I discovered decent sampler, and i watched David Heliwitz tutorials on how to make decent sampler libraries and his work on sampling and how to think outside the box
Tried it and it worked

Wanna give a big thanks to David Hilowitz for making this happened

This is my first sample library hope you like it and working on more to share very soon And I’m so happy to be part of this amazing community

Pure library contains 11 diffrent presets:


George Yazbek - Pure (library demo)


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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
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  • Unique and Beautiful. 5 stars from me.

    I found the pads to be particularly outstanding. This is a unique instrument that really adds something special.

    Mark08 March 2022
  • Brilliant

    From such a simple concept comes a sample pack of great beauty. Really impressed with it, and inspires some themes.

    Newport27 April 2022
  • Beauty from simplicity

    George Yazbek is one of the most talented people here! Great stuff!

    MelwoodSamplist 04 January 2023
  • Genius

    It just speak for itself... lots of features to explore. Thanks for the good job :3.

    Lüuüuüuü08 May 2023
  • The pads, the pads....

    Love this pack - very easy on the bandwidth, but offers so much for the size - all the wonderful percussive samples, and then the pads. Oh, I do love those pads. Great character - use the built-in reverb, or send them out dry (well, they're not really dry, but you know what I mean) to your shimmer or cathedral or Supermassive (can you say Valhalla) of choice. Thanks - this is a keeper.

    Ronan McDermott07 February 2022
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