A glockenspiel-like sampling of a form of kalimba...

The story

The origin of Klimpa is a kalimba – a small musical instrument, rudimentary and archaic, that never fails to captivate me. From the few notes that can be played with it, I have designed an instrument that has a glockenspiel-like touch with a very long sustain and a quiet, subliminal pulsation within it. This makes it suitable both for light, percussive figures and for longer, fading pads.


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  • Krystal Klimpa

    I really enjoy the sparkle of this. It shines through and has a rally twinkly quality. With the reverb a single note just hangs around very pleasingly.

    NemoralisMusic20 October 2021
  • Cool frozen kalimba

    I love how the kalimba sound is 'frozen'. However, even in taking the reverb mix all the way down, the kalimba is still frozen, and the reverb tail is really long. A peak under the hood shows that the reverb is actually in the samples. So, maybe offering a release control in the GUI would help. That way, folks could shorten things up a bit if they preferred to do so.

    Sam Ecoff17 October 2021
  • A very good ship....

    ...awash on an ocean of reverb. If this pack had a reverb control, I'd buy you lunch. Sounds absolutely lovely, but the reverb sort of paints me into a corner I'm using the DS version - perhaps the other versions allow some tweaking of the reverb?. I am very fond of my own reverbs. All that said, the demos really work. So the problem is me. Thanks for sharing!

    Ronan McDermott14 October 2021