3.5mm Listener’s Reviews

  • A Pro

    So I don't need to waste my dollars and my HDD space on those large-sized Kontakt piano instruments now. This is indeed a Pianobook Gem.

    Manthey Klaviano13 June 2022
  • Instantly Fall in Love with It

    Rich and clear. As soon as I hit the keys I found an unbelievable synth pad pack. Despite its small size., it produces a big cinematic sound. It's like something between a brass ensemble and a pipe organ, meanwhile it keeps the character of a synth pad. Good job Keith!

    Pianobook Virus06 June 2022
  • Brilliant Characteristics

    This sample pack gives a real old nostalgic feeling. It sounds so great when I replaced a grand piano pack in one of my projects with it. It sounded like a piano recording that had been carefully preserved for decades. Really impressing.

  • Handy

    Simple but effective. It gives me the impression of a 'standard' FM E-Piano and it can be used anywhere I need one. And it does can. Also there are not much GUI controls in the DS version but that's what I like. It does not need more.

    E-Piano04 April 2022
  • Nice Samples but Programming really needs improvement

    The drum samples produce a nice beefy sound here, only when you open up the samples and listen to them individually. The most significant problem is that the snare in Kontakt version produces a strange sound sometimes. I had a look into the pack and found the samples are not treated well. A lot of them have unwanted silences or delays at the beginning, left unremoved. But if the samples are treated more carefully, they will make a distinct drum pack!

    Turnagain Drums13 May 2022