The story

Pianobook Virus Pad

I have been wanting to sample this pad for a long time.
Although the Access Virus b is not a true analog synth
it is a simulated analog synth that does not contain any
sample so therefore I was able to sample it finally.
I basically sampled all the ‘C’ notes and spread them all
to fit the keyboard. Then added a 3 band EQ.

Pianobook Virus Pad Demo


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  • Gorgeous

    The only pad you will need.

    stockbees28 February 2024
  • My new superb standard pad (I own Omnisphere!)

    One of my greatest discovery in Pianobook. A dream of a pad.

    Talisker10 October 2022
  • Simply Awesome

    This instrument gets straight to the point. It easily creates atmospheric undertones. It only provides controls of the low, mid, and high frequency levels, but that's all you need. Great job Keith!

    Owen BoligSamplist 07 May 2022
  • Instantly Fall in Love with It

    Rich and clear. As soon as I hit the keys I found an unbelievable synth pad pack. Despite its small size., it produces a big cinematic sound. It's like something between a brass ensemble and a pipe organ, meanwhile it keeps the character of a synth pad. Good job Keith!

    3.5mm Listener06 June 2022
  • What a sound!

    What a great sound! Made me feel like JMJ for a moment.
    Just the one sound with some basic controls, but it's good.
    Some way of controlling the release/reverb time would be nice, because it lingers quite a long time. That's just my taste I guess.
    But boy, what a great, warm, deep sound that is.

    SynchrotonesSamplist 21 June 2022
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