Philemon Reinhardt’s Reviews

  • WOW - a great Organ!

    I just love this thing! I now played it only for about 10 minutes but I'm really impressed how much possibility is given to me to form the sound. So I'm totally looking forward to use it in some tracks. I wonder how it would sound without the tape cassette?

    Cassette Tape Organ14 October 2021
  • A true inspiration

    I like the piano especially for it's unique character and the inspiration it has to me. I really like that I can make many adjustments to the sound and I love the pad sound underneath the piano. Only two things I would change and maybe it's just within DecentSampler: The loudest notes are a lot louder I mean probably noone would hit this piano so hard so it's not that bad and when I turn the pedal noise knob just a little bit up it's way too loud maybe this is a mistake in the DS-Script

    The King’s Upright14 October 2021
  • Don't read this - try it yourself

    I don't know what to say. It took me some minutes to figure out which knobs I have to use to make an inspiring sound. But from there on it carried me away no idea if I can say this in English. For me who hasn't a lot of experience with synthesizers it is just a great option to experiment because it is so simplistic. And I just love the swelling and rhythmic layers! Thanks for sharing!

    Áferð synth14 October 2021
  • Something special!

    I really like the sound because I think it's quite unique. I love the low end and the really high frequencies because it sounds kind of spacy. However I think the attack wheel doesn't work in DS and the tone wheel only responds in the first tenth but could be that it is some issue on my side

    Pitched Electric Celeste14 October 2021
  • Nice percussive instrument to have

    I really like the ripples and I think they can be really useful in some usecases. I think also the single notes are playable although one can hear where other samples are used C2, D#3 and so on. So nice little sample pack to play with:

    Marimba Ripples14 October 2021