akosszasz’s Reviews

  • Gorgeous Soloists

    I was planning to build a string quartet and this allowed me to do so. I haven't played around with it much, but after a short jam session, my notes:

    Beautiful textures and tone, excellent recording quality.
    The playability on the string section is a bit lacking, uneven start points for the cello especially, the loops are quirky and way too sharp and noticeable on the other string instruments.
    Only checked the Kontakt build, it needs some fine-tuning, but nothing difficult or complex.
    I miss the classic dynamic layers and the expression fade option coming with a dynamic layer recording.
    Extreme kudos for chromatic samples though! Very welcome, indeed.

    That all being said, would recommend for small sounding, intimate, wistful compositions. If you guys would extend with different articulations that would be pure joy. Thank you for this gem!

    C&P Strings + Winds02 December 2021
  • Beautiful piano hidden in plain sight

    Firstly, I love it! It needed some love in Kontakt removing cross fades, fixing the range, playing with the level transitions, editing the levels to my own taste, some EQ work. This instrument is recorded nicely, the Kontakt build, I feel, was something overdone to its fault. The key ranges get quieter away from the root due to key range cross-fades. That being said, I was looking for this exact piano sound: subdued, dramatic, just the right amount of character. If you haven't done so, I'd love to hear a more detailed version of this instrument with the fixes mentioned above. Great stuff!

    The Lounge Piano05 November 2021