C&P Strings + Winds

A cello, viola, violin, clarinet, horn, and more all in one…...

The story

The Cut & Paste Orchestra

a cello, viola, violin, clarinet, horn, and more all in one…

I debated whether to make a separate submission for each instrument, but decided that packaging them into a bundle would best communicate the spirit of the project which was all about making a collection of acoustic sounds meant to be played and harmonized together

mostly recorded in non-studio settings, the instruments provide raw, dry sounds consisting of long, breathy sustains, expressive vibratos, the occasional quaver, and variation across every note.

I’ve had quite a bit of luck using these sounds on a number of tunes and I’m very excited to finally share them!

the performers :
cello: nick dinnerstein
viola: benny rubin
violin: lydia davidson
clarinets: chris maier
horn: taylor neal
recorder (bass, tenor, and alto): chris maier


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  • Super nice overall!

    A ver nice little orchestral instrument pack that you won't regret downloading! Let's take it one by one: First the Cello, which I really loved. The sampling is really good, the range is great and it has a lot of character in general. It's sharp, crisp and very well defined. Same goes with the Viola, which I have to say it has some very chilling harmonics that may cause goosebumps, especially in the mid-range. The violin is a little on the warmer side, but it is still very well defined. You may hear a very slight noise though, probably coming from the bow. The horn on the other hand has a very quick attack that may be hard to get over. You can hear that well in the higher range, but it becomes smoother as you go down. Next we have the recorder, which sounds absolutely lovely. I especially love the vibrato layer, but there's a problem with the two dynamic layers - they are very different and that may cause inconsistencies while you play it. Last but not least we have the to clarinets. The first is very airy and smooth, and the second is more defined with some airy parts in the mid-range. They suffer from the same attack problem just like the horn does though. The GUI is nonexistent and for all instruments there is no control over anything. Nevertheless, this is a very well sampled library and you won't regret trying it out!

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021
  • Good sounds, a hidden gem

    There's a lot to like about this sample library. The clarinets, in particular, are believable. The strings are a bit bright, and the attack of the horn sample makes it less usable, but there's a place for all of these sounds in the right context.

    Sam Ecoff14 October 2021
  • Fantastic Find!!

    When playing with these instruments I found these to be exactly what I had been missing in my classical film music style productions in the fact I didn't have many options, if any, of solo instruments so the fact that they are recorded dry with the option to add a brilliant sounding reverb just adds to the playability and tweak ability of these instruments, What a great job and also just to add the fact that the violin doesn't sound screechy to my ears so far in the higher registers! can't wait to hear what you come up with next in this line of instruments so thank you!!

    Npavely112 October 2021