The story

The Cut & Paste Orchestra

a cello, viola, violin, clarinet, horn, and more all in one…

I debated whether to make a separate submission for each instrument, but decided that packaging them into a bundle would best communicate the spirit of the project which was all about making a collection of acoustic sounds meant to be played and harmonized together

mostly recorded in non-studio settings, the instruments provide raw, dry sounds consisting of long, breathy sustains, expressive vibratos, the occasional quaver, and variation across every note.

I’ve had quite a bit of luck using these sounds on a number of tunes and I’m very excited to finally share them!

the performers :
cello: nick dinnerstein
viola: benny rubin
violin: lydia davidson
clarinets: chris maier
horn: taylor neal
recorder (bass, tenor, and alto): chris maier

Reviews for C&P Strings + Winds

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  • Love the Clarinet

    I keep coming back to the Clarinet in this pack, it has become my go to for solo parts that need some character. Very inspiring.

    James Bruce07 April 2022
  • C&P Horns - Review

    Thanks for sharing this great sampler instrument I love it. It led me to write a "Television News Theme Music Package" and I hope to get a TV sync out of it, or leading to artist progression in the future working with some superiors.

    I was going to tip you a small amount now. If you create a Kofi account and add it to your Pianobook profile, I'll be able to pay you! If you're not sure how to do this, watch Christian's video on YouTube. He'll take you through the steps in order to set up your tipping account.

    Ameno for now!

    Best wishes,


    Ethan EdwardsSamplist 05 April 2022
  • Very Well but a trouble with Violin A3

    The Violin sound at A3 stops when you play it long. It doesn't sustain as long as you play it, but makes a little but noticeable interruption just 2 seconds after the beginning of the note.

    I didn't find that happens in any other note.

    Valross14 July 2023
  • Pretty Good

    I gotta say, this Strings + Winds ensemble pack is pretty decent for some chamber music or orchestra arranging (for specific solo segments). Nice job!

  • Fantastic Find!!

    When playing with these instruments I found these to be exactly what I had been missing in my classical film music style productions in the fact I didn't have many options, if any, of solo instruments so the fact that they are recorded dry with the option to add a brilliant sounding reverb just adds to the playability and tweak ability of these instruments, What a great job and also just to add the fact that the violin doesn't sound screechy to my ears so far in the higher registers! can't wait to hear what you come up with next in this line of instruments so thank you!!

    Npavely112 October 2021
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