Mike Allen’s Reviews

  • Now that's what I call a Pianobook Gem!

    Outstanding. The "For Airports Patch" is instant Eno, just add random synth noises and foley FX for a deep chill out. Well done. Well recorded with a great character to it.

    Evergreen Performance01 February 2022
  • Cold as ice

    I was wondering why this was such a large download, until I played across the keyboard and realized Clay had recorded each note with subtle and not so subtle effects added. This is a brilliant idea. We have all heard an interesting noise from striking a metallic object. This is hopefully one of a series? Useful and chilling.

    Ominous Cold19 October 2021
  • Swells for free...Swell

    Another very useful contribution from Dan. Orchestral swells like these are incredibly useful for injecting an element of realism into a mock up. My only issue is with the low winds at high dynamics. I am not a fan of the wavering pitch of the Bassoons. Others may like this? But, other than that it is really good.

    NFO: Orchestral Swells19 October 2021
  • Fabulous!

    ........now this is a good idea. Round robins, using different samples. I find I am using this in a lot of tracks. It sparks new creative ideas and combinations of sounds I had not thought of. Very well done and very well recorded. .....Another please?

    Serendipity19 October 2021
  • Useful and Sweet

    Ok, so there are some issues. Occasional phasing when switching between dynamic layers. But, throw it in a mix with other brass and add another layer of randomness. Which is always good.

    Inertia Horns19 October 2021