Ominous Cold

'Cold' sounds from a freezer ice tray...

The story

When getting some ice from the ice bucket in my freezer I dropped some ice on the wire shelf. It made an interesting ring, so I had to try and see what kinds of sound I could coax from it by sampling it.

I only sampled hitting the tray. Then I put the samples into Kontakt to work with them, and applied ample effects to process the sound, then re-sampled every note via 88 key keyboard with the effects for use in the final Kontakt files. Funny enough, coming from the freezer, it resulted in a collection of ‘cold’ sounds.

It’s fair I suppose for some haunting type stuff, but it’s rather thick in the frequency spectrum, so eq accordingly.


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  • Chilling sounds...

    These instruments truly live up to their name. The sounds have a strong cold/arctic atmosphere and can create some really interesting textures. Adding a GUI to this instrument would really help with customizability. Also, in my opinion the different patches could probably be condensed into two or three since many of the sounds are just slight variations from one another. For weighing in at over 4GB, I was honestly expecting a few more patches or textures, but the ones included sound very nice. Great work!

    christopher19 October 2021
  • Cold as ice

    I was wondering why this was such a large download, until I played across the keyboard and realized Clay had recorded each note with subtle and not so subtle effects added. This is a brilliant idea. We have all heard an interesting noise from striking a metallic object. This is hopefully one of a series? Useful and chilling.

    Mike Allen19 October 2021
  • Cold!

    So much Atmos!

    Caift15 October 2021
  • In Love With The Cold

    I am absolutely in love with this library. The atmosphere that you can create is quite a thing. You will find 2 main categories instruments to pick from, an ambient ones and more lead-like ones. Each and every one of them is quite unique and it has a purpose. Everything feels pretty well done, and I have absolutely no complains, except for the fact that the modwheel/dynamics is mapped backwards, I don't know why. Sadly the rating drops because of the GUI and lack of more in-depth options and customization.

    Alex Raptakis13 October 2021