The story

A friend of mine wanted “car” sounds for a soundtrack for his video. I decided to buy a RØDE NT1-A for the sound inside the cabinn and a directional RØDE NTG 1 for sounds sampled on the outside. I found a quiet place on the parking lot at the Technical University of Denmark on a late saturday morning. I fitted my laptop and the my UA-25 on the floor of the passenger seat, placed the NT1-A behind the front seats and the NTG 1 at various positions outside.
The main part of the instrument is the chromatically tuned engine. The engine is recorded running at a range of different RPM’s from idling up until it started sounding like a bad idea to continue. Afterwards the files were analysed and the closest fundamental note in the rather noisefilled sound was found and then the file was fine tuned to fit this. Though the range in RPM’s corresponds to 4-5 octaves, the tones that could be distinguished covered 2½ octaves. In the Kontakt instrument, low keyboard velocities play the inside sample, while high velocities play the outside samples. An additional part of the instrument consists of percussive sounds, wipers, electric windows, doors closing, clutch, hand break etc. I added an ADSR and a filter which when controlled with eg. the MOD-wheel exploits the high frequency of especially the outside engine sound nicely. There were only a few people that passed by in the distance – with the noise level of the engine they had no influence on the recording they had no influence on the recording. The engine part of the instrument was never really used but especially with some dynamic filtering it could be useful… .

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  • Unique and interesting patch!

    Very interesting!! Definitely a unique set of sample patch! You can even get a water pouring sound.

    Asuka Amane30 October 2021
  • Very rare

    I have many sounds stored on my hard drive. I don't have an old Diesel engine running though. I DO NOW. As said by others this is a whole lot of fun. Some of the sounds are interesting and possibly quite useful. I can see me using this at some time.

    Ray20 October 2021
  • Car sound design

    I love the idea behind this sample pack, and I really like playing around with it. The samples are so unconventional that while it's hard to use them as they are, they make for excellent sound design tools after adding some external effects into the mix. I've made some nice drones and percs so far. My favourite samples in the bunch are the handbreak, and whatever is on F4!

    Kelmeri13 October 2021
  • Drones

    I didn't really know what to do with the huge engine sounds until I pulled the cutoff back I could definitely see myself using this for nice drones, the low end is great on these. Cool idea, I've never seen a pack like this before!

    08 November 2021
  • Very Unique Concept

    Wow, what a unique idea to capture the sound of a car engine. I personally would struggle to find a use for these sounds as they are very thick and noisy by nature. However, they may come in handy if you need a specific sort of rumbly drone noise.

    Kalaish Stanley13 October 2021
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