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  • Needs to be reworked?

    I am used to being able to drop a DS sample pack into DS, and have it load correctly/uniformly. But with this sample pack:
    1. Clicking on 'browse' and 'choose preset' seems to bring in the correct individual patches. But they were tuning-corrected by using the tuning setting on the front panel. Could they not have been corrected by choosing the correct key center for that particular 'wav'?
    2. Clicking right/left seems to add/layer the next preset, instead of replacing the old preset with the next preset. For instance, if I bring up 'magma', and then click left to 'flume', I hear both, although one of them changes pitch for the same MIDI note. And if I continue to move right & left & right & left, it seems to keep layering, making the sound louder and louder. Evidently some sort of 'reset' is not happening when clicking right/left.

    So it makes the sample pack unusable, for me. I informed the developer (via Discord) about this, a few days ago, and gave time for adjustments before I reviewed. But today, a fresh download of this sample pack acted the same way. And I have downloaded several other sample packs over the same timeframe, and all load correctly.

    I'm not sure if this is in the way the files were grouped/foldered (using a 'zip' file instead of a 'dspreset' file), or if it is in the scripting. I'm sure that this could be fixed, though...?

    Avebook23 June 2022
  • Deep Sampled, but Buggy (for me)

    I downloaded (and tried playing) both the Kontakt version and the DS version, mostly because I was interested to see what was meant by 'deep sampled'. In the Kontakt instrument, one of the samples (A4-f-sus pedal) had a very noticeable delay to it. (I fixed it by deleting the sample, and extending the C5 sample down.)

    The Decent Sampler version would not load in all the way, leaving some samples 'unlocated'. This might be a bug on my end, but I have loaded in many other DS libraries, and they all work. (Might be a max-#-of-samples thing?) Also, the scripting for 'pedal down' and 'pedal up' did not work - a 'pedal down' would trigger a cacophony of sounds, as would a 'pedal up', afterward. I might look at the scripting to see if I can figure out where it's all going pear-shaped.

    Schimmel Piano21 March 2022