Lindsey Jackson’s Reviews

  • I Cried When I First Played This Piano

    This is a simply stunning piano and story. I remember first opening this in Kontakt and crying after playing it and reading the story to go along with this piano. I lost my mom when I was young and I wished we'd recorded her piano & organ. The 'memorial' patch and the accompanying sound is so real and beautiful and what an incredible moment to have captured and be able and willing to share. So grateful for this piano. I pull it up more often than Keyscape now. Only technical thing I wish for is a couple more velocity layers in the samples. but now just reading apparently there is a full version with this, so I will hunt it down : Huge thanks for creating and sharing this beautiful sound and story.

    Bluthner Style 6 #9051312 October 2021
  • Love This Sound

    It does one thing, but it does it well

    One after 96912 October 2021
  • Great Fun Organ Sound

    Reminds me of what you might hear at a baseball game mixed with the old cheap organ in that musky smelling church basement. Very fun to play!!

    Practice Organ12 October 2021
  • Cool Idea - love the CS80 feel

    Fun synth sounds to play around with for sure

    The Synthony12 October 2021
  • Nice Sound But Lacking EQ Clarity

    A little too dark and muddy to fit in a mix well straight out the box. Would love for this to be re-sampled with a brighter pre/eq/harmonic combination.

    Pitched Electric Celeste12 October 2021