The story

The Matrix 1000 is a bit of a weird beast; having 200 User and 800 ROM presets the majority of those are probably not much use to anyone. However there are some true Gems to be found in there.
Preset number 969 is one of those, a lovely mellow synth piano sound.

I’ve sampled this before to have it available in stereo, however got regularly annoyed that I didn’t do any Round Robins, so decided to have another go at it; this time with 4 Round Robins (I know it’s an even number, live with it Christian) and I decided to also record the delays I would normally use during hardware jams.

I hope this sound will be as inspirational to everyone here as it has been to me over the past four years.

As usual signal path is through a Studer transfromer into the 902 console converted through a Babyface.

Reviews for One after 969

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  • Tycho Baby

    This sound is so Tycho, its such an inspiration for me and probably my favorite synth sound on pianobook. For this type of sounds its my first go to other than gentle sine bells in logics alchemy. Ive talked before in reviews of other synth stuff that im not really into the more angular, intense side of synthesis. Sounds like this are what i love, its so beautiful and mellow. You can really create stunning melodies with this. My only complaints would be that it is a bit noisy on its own and with the delay up its extremely noisy. If someone who knows what they are doing with noise reduction wanted up to update this instrument id be very happy cause as i said before its one of my favorite instruments on the site. Maybe ill have a go at noise reducing it.

    septemberwalk28 October 2021
  • Love This Sound

    It does one thing, but it does it well

    Lindsey Jackson12 October 2021
  • Makes me sorry I sold my Matrix-1000

    This is a great sound, and it's well recorded, carefully edited in Kontakt, and is immediately playable. The inclusion of delay and reverb controls in the GUI is great. The delay is pretty noisy, especially in the decay, but it's characterful, and if it both you, it's a piece of cake to get rid of it. The core sound itself has little to no noise. Great work in sharing a little bit of this instrument with everyone!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 28 October 2021
  • That's a sound I'm always a sucker for

    This kind of retro plucks always want to make me just go into a synthwave session and start producing something cool. This is a nicely made patch that features this kind of sound, but it would greatly benefit from some noise reduction, because right now the white noise can build up fairly quickly. Nevertheless, it's a sound I really recommend trying and playing around!

    Alex Raptakis30 October 2021
  • So 80s makes me wish I could grow a mullet.

    Classic 80s sounding synth patch for a nice clean and mellow piano sound

    Jim Sanger17 October 2021
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