One after 969

Preset number 969 from the Matrix 1000...

The story

The Matrix 1000 is a bit of a weird beast; having 200 User and 800 ROM presets the majority of those are probably not much use to anyone. However there are some true Gems to be found in there.
Preset number 969 is one of those, a lovely mellow synth piano sound.

I’ve sampled this before to have it available in stereo, however got regularly annoyed that I didn’t do any Round Robins, so decided to have another go at it; this time with 4 Round Robins (I know it’s an even number, live with it Christian) and I decided to also record the delays I would normally use during hardware jams.

I hope this sound will be as inspirational to everyone here as it has been to me over the past four years.

As usual signal path is through a Studer transfromer into the 902 console converted through a Babyface.


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  • So 80s makes me wish I could grow a mullet.

    Classic 80s sounding synth patch for a nice clean and mellow piano sound

    Jim Sanger17 October 2021
  • Nice to have in the toolkit

    Classic sound. Always useful to have in the toolkit. My GUI rating is misleading as it is basic but it doesn't have to be anything more. Nice upload in my opinion.

    Steve198714 October 2021
  • Love This Sound

    It does one thing, but it does it well

    Lindsey Jackson12 October 2021