The story

The old family piano. It comes to me now after the passing of my mother on March 16th 2020. She was diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease (ALS) 6 months earlier. On that night she is in her bed, unable to speak, struggling for air. A ventilator, pressing oxygen to her failing lungs, hisses and puffs. Its soft timely heaving, devastatingly peaceful. The Piano is right next to her and I want to play something for her but somehow I just can’t. 

Later I wish I had given myself to that. 

This 1913 piano is also showing its age. It has a cracked frame but still holds it’s tuning. In the months after her passing the idea of sampling this piano begins to obsess in me. I want to remember its sound long after it is gone. It is only later that I realise, this is my catharsis.

This version is the MVP (4.4gb of samples). Samples for every 3rd note in five velocity layers, pedal up and pedal down and all of it again with the damper pedal engaged. There are two mic positions utilising three mics each. A full deep sampled version with samples for every note (13gb of samples) is available at

Outside (far left on the mic dial) was recorded with two PDA 4001’s for wide stereo and an SE3300 for mono fill placed just above the keyboard almost inside the hammers with the keyboard lid removed. This is an attempt to try capture the sound of the piano as I remember it. 

Inside (far right on the mic dial) was receded with two AKG C414’s in XY with a The TUL F47 is modelled on the Neumann U47 FET built by Tully McCullagh in Cape Town as mono fill. The inside mics have a much closer stereo field but a beautiful clear attack which compliments the outside array.

I have given myself completely to this project from recording, to scripting, to graphic design. I came into this with zero KSP scripting knowledge and with the help of various forums, an online course and the vibrant community of Pianobook I have created something that I am very fond of. 

Special thanks must go to the following people:

– My wife Tania and my kids Eli and Noa for bearing with me for the last seven months. 

– Murray Anderson at Milestone Studios for recording advice.

– Matt Gair for loaning me his TUL F47.

– Aki from Eastern Acoustics for a good price on mic rentals.

– Dave Hilowitz for some advice early on.

– My father for buying the piano when we were kids. 

– And finally to my mother Lali Vossgatter who gave us everything, this is for you.


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  • Perfect Solution

    After turning in cues for a Theater project using Keyscape, the Director told me he wanted something more humble and real sounding. I poked around pianobook, and stumbled on this, which became not only THE piano for this score, but the SOUND of the show. Well done! All the technical aspects of this are great too.

    kansascitydon03 June 2022
  • I've been looking for this sound for years.

    I've searched so long for this piano sound, this might be my favorite piano VST. I was looking for something warm, with that soulful x-factor, but with clear and confident transients. It comes with a super manageable, simple UI. Such a beautiful, honest tone. Mixes with live strings well because it is so clear in the low end. I love to have a piano with complexity in tone that doesn't put mud in the mix. Really, really happy with this. Thank you Richard for your hard work and for putting your heart into this, it really comes through.

    Michelle Packman29 October 2021
  • bu muhteşem bir ses... hayranlık ötesi güzellikte...

    bu duyguyu bulana kadar o kadar çok piyano denedim ki... gerçekten muhteşem bir ses ve bunu yaşamak, tarif edilemez bir güzellik... muhteşem... ve bunu sürekli çalmaktan kendimi alamıyorum... gecem ve gündüzüm bu oldu... ama bunlardan çok daha muhteşem olan sensin... bu duygularını bizlere açtın... kalbini bizlere açtın... bizim kalplerimize bir ışık oldun... seni seviyorum canım kardeşim... Allah seni korusun... ve cennetlerine alsın... sonsuz teşekkürler...

    edip17 October 2021
  • My Favourite Piano - Ever!

    OK, so I've just had this for a day, but everything about it - its simplicity, the story behind it, the love, intimacy and emotions that drip from every key ... wonderful! The review before mine see below says it all.

    Barv14 October 2021
  • Best Warm Tone

    I was looking for a warm piano with some intimacy but with a reasonably dry, clean tone. Something versatile enough to be used in a number of contexts. For me this piano ticks those boxes.
    This is the best all round piano I've found on Pianobook and maybe elsewhere else too. Love this instrument.

    Esc13 August 2022
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