vinylstew’s Reviews

  • The greatest upright library I have ever had the pleasure of playing.

    I am a long time Pianobook user and only recently created an account with the intent of leaving a review for this piano in particular. I have tried many, many upright piano libraries during my time as a musician. I produce out of my small New England bedroom, which has no room for a piano of any size. I've spent time, money and prayers on finding a good upright libary, and I looked everywhere. Keyscape, AddictiveKeys, EZkeys, Pianoteq, many other Pianobook librarues. All solid software, but their uprights just lacked something, and to this day I couldn't quite place my finger on it. I think I downloaded this set sometime in July, and from the first note I fell in love. This scratches the itch - you get a perfect amount of customization, warmth, detune-ity, high end, low end, and recorded in high quality and packed with such an incredible and beautiful story. What an amazing job Richard has done and I will continue to follow his work on other projects.