Murph Elyria’s Reviews

  • Probably the one of most intimate instrument on pianobook

    First off, I have to say thank you for sharing this with us, and for giving us that intimate connection with you and your family. Hearing the recording on the MVP patch brought me to tears, much like I'm sure it has done for anyone else who has played it. The sampled piano is a little too clicky for me personally, but the inspiration that the story behind it gave was phenomenal, and technically speaking its close to a perfect sample instrument, if not completely a perfect one. This is a beautiful memorial, thank you again for sharing this and trusting us with this.

  • Another amazing addition from the man who started this all

    Christian has provided us with yet another amazing sample instrument, which I would argue, yes, fit his brackets of being "cool." This instrument holds true to its piano roots, while adding so much more, sounding like both and piano and a synthesizer at the same time. It lends itself much more to slow moving piece, and playing it at its extremities is rather fun. Definitely one that I think everyone should add to their personal collection.

    The ‘Cool’ Piano12 October 2021
  • Beautifully Gritty!!!

    Big fan of this piano! The effects chain adds a really interesting quality that would definitely lend itself to any composer who enjoys film scoring or experimental rock. The GUI makes it a little difficult to see the singular knob, I think you could've made it stand out a bit more, and labeled it, but otherwise this is a near perfect instrument for me. Definitely going to be using this on a future project.

  • What phenominal range this has!

    Ok, if you wanted piano that gives you plenty of options in terms of sound, this is your way to go. Both reverbs sound very clean, the pedalboard adds a very lush background tone that blends in extremely well, the Key Noise knob didn't really work for me, I couldn't hear any difference when messing around with it, but aside from that, I'm a big fan of this instrument. It's not a completely clean recording, so it does have some small piano mechanical sounds, but they definitely add to the character rather than draw attention to themselves. A key note I should make though, the instrument does favour longer notes, short notes cut off a little strangely, I like it, but it might be a deterrent for some. The routing as well was a little off, it was set for the maker's original computer as opposed to locating on any computer it's download on, but that was an easy fix by finding the folder I grabbed the .nki file from.

    Maine Upright12 October 2021
  • So intimate, beautiful

    Gah, the quality of this instrument is just gorgeous! It doesn't really change in volume, but the muted tone just gives me lovely, warm, fuzzy feelings. I'm not sure what else to say, it knows what it's doing and does it extremely well.

    The Quietest Piano12 October 2021