lfo2vco’s Reviews

  • Swarm Reception

    Love it! This is a perfectly executed Guitar swarm instrument. The GUI provides setting for the swarm note range, pitch bend up and down amounts; the filter sweep is controlled by your mod wheel.

    Very well thought out and implemented.

    The Swarmitar15 February 2022
  • Another Gem

    Hunter is on a roll with his sampled instruments, each and every one is a gem.

    If you need a Dulcimer this is a great place to start and I doubt you will be disappointed.

  • Unique, Inspirational, Original

    This is a great sounding instrument, interesting, gritty and organic. Great quality samples recorded over a good range. I’ll definitely find a use for this one... thanks Liam.

    Bowed Acoustic15 December 2021
  • Maribatastic

    If you need a Marimba look no further, the key switched articulations cover slow, fast and single hits. Superbly done, Bravo.

    Marimba Ripples15 December 2021
  • Another Winner From Sage

    This is pretty inspiring, and covers a very wide range over the keyboard. Down the bottom end it is quite menacing and would definitely add tension to a score. The mid range is very playable, almost organ like with metallic overtones. At the top of the keyboard it is quite brittle and reminiscent of of something from the Radiophonic Workshop.

    Cymbal Atmos15 December 2021