Jesse Smith’s Reviews

  • Wonderful and inspiring pad sounds

    Very useful, wonderfully crafted sounds with a lot of character.The variation and evolving textures really make for an interesting and detailed soundscape. Really fantastic job.

    Americana Tapestries20 December 2021
  • Perfect Electric Guitar Vibes

    Very inspiring and great quality sounds, I can really see a use for these. I love how the electric guitar textures don't get lost under the reverb in the pad patch. The sounds in the pad have been constructed well and the plucks sound great too, there is a lot of vibe here. The pad has different velocity layers which are controlled by keyboard velocity instead of the mod wheel, this feels a bit strange and counter intuitive for a pad. This is not a problem if you know how to change it in kontakt, but it might limit someone who doesn't because the velocity layers on a pad are normally controlled with the mod wheel in many other libraries.Over all the the sounds are very useful and inspiring, thank you for uploading I will definitely be using them.

    Guitar Textures07 December 2021