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Hi there, my name is Jesse Smith and this is my first official PianoBook submission! In the search for new and interesting sounds around the house I’ve found the kitchen tends to be the best source of inspiration— there always seems to be something interesting to strike or scrape. After gently striking all of the bowls and dishes in my kitchen with a mallet, I found a large porcelain mixing bowl to be the most resonant. With my Zoom H1n I have recorded 3 round robins with 3 velocity layers, just the single tone spread across 4 octaves. I have added controls for tempo synced delay as well as reverb. The bowl makes a good clean bell, and sounds great in the higher octaves. It strikes a nice balance between the tonal and the percussive. The instrument is only compatible with Kontakt 6. Enjoy!

Porcelain Bowl Demo--Free Kontakt Instrument (PianoBook)


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  • A clean mallet & accidental swarms

    While this is a very simple instrument, it has been sampled very well and it offers a great, mallet-like sound that can be closely related to a Marimba and a Xylophone. It's not that dynamic, but there is the option to add some delay to it. The delays are a little chaotic, but I found that they can create a glimmer swarm-like texture, which can be very very fun.

    Alex Raptakis26 December 2021
  • Most people eat noodles and soup from bowls. We play them!

    It's always amazing how, though sampling, common household instruments can have such an amazing outcome when played like an instrument. This is no exception, and is quite playable with a good dose of character built in. It's not too dissimilar from xylophone with a bit more resonance. The inbuilt delay and feedback options made for some fun and this is very usable for rhythmic plucks. Nicely recorded!

    Andrew Ernst29 December 2021
  • Really nice and mellow tone but maybe lacking a bit of variation

    I love the sound of these kinds of instruments. Theres something peaceful, nostalgic about them that are always really nice. Its also resonant but in a pleasing way, not an annoying way. As im typing this i just realized this is a regular bowl used to eat out of, not a singing bowl. This makes me even more impressed because it definitely gives me singing bowl vibes.
    When i was first playing this i thought there were no round robins so that was gonna be the biggest critique of mine. I was surprised to learn in the description that there are actually three round robins. I guess i just feel like there isnt enough variation in the different hits. Maybe singing bowls produce more variation than regular porcelain bowls? anyway this is still a really nice sounding and useful instrument

    septemberwalk25 December 2021