Jacko Andrews’s Reviews

  • Discovering more all the time

    This is a surprising little gem. Even though I own all of the synths used to compile this I still found the collection quite interesting and unique. As individual patches they are fine, but they really come to life for me when layered with a little movement from Bitwigs modulators. Patches 1-3 sound excellent layered like this. The default FX should be swapped for something bigger like Blackhole for best results. Overall they are a little hot on the output, I needed to turn the pad patches down, but no big deal. Patch 6 is broken, but works if you import the samples manually. Great find, defiantly on my keeper list. Thank you, and more please!

    The Synthony13 October 2021
  • Very nice, but...

    This piano has a wonderful warm and bell-like tone with minimal room ambience, which I prefer. Its quite playable, if slightly heavy on the velocity slope making it difficult to achieve very light notes. Its more upfront and in your face. I love the pedal and release noises, though completely over the top by default. Luckily you can turn it down in the settings. The samples are quite noisy, especially when holding two-handed chords. Wonderful instrument, highly recommended.

    Grand Studio A16 October 2021
  • Very interesting

    Defiantly worth a download, you'll either hate or love it. I found it quite nice, if a little undynamic. Its panned to the left which is annoying. When all three patches are layered it sounds amazing. I found pitching the ebow down 12-steps and removing the atmosphere from the piano had excellent results.

    Trailer Ambient Tools16 October 2021
  • Wowsers!

    Yes, that certainly rattles the undies. Some of the loop points are a little off, but its an incredible sound. Doesn't break up if you play chords like you might expect, in fact the more you add the better it sounds. Fabtastic.

  • Really nice

    Surprisingly nice. Ive not heard too many decent sounding guitar libraries, and while this perhaps lacks some realism, its got a nice bell tone making it sound great when played like a piano. Recommended!

    Soundscape Guitar16 October 2021