FLH3’s Reviews

  • Excellent

    A big file, yes, but it's definitively worth it. Superb sound, a lot of variations... Thank you for your work, Sam, it is realy inspiring.

    Leftist Zither Marxophone04 November 2021
  • Excellent work Mister Peartree!

    When you feel enoesque, on a thursday afternoon, load it!

    Shivering Waves30 January 2022
  • wow

    By itself or with a piano, wow...

    Harmonic Flights12 October 2021
  • Excellent

    What a sound and what a control over the organ registers! Already in my patches library.

    And oh, yes, we would all want to know all the details about this organ (what city, what church, the age of the instrument, the maker, etc...)

    BTW some works to do in order to get all the sounds: batch renaming some wavefiles with problems with ß and ¨ in their name.
    A tip for our German speakers comrads, try to avoid your special characters.
    (Like French or Spanish speaking ones with letter accents like "à, ê, œ or ñ)

    Eiersheimer Orgel29 December 2021
  • Great instrument

    Very inspiring instrument. And so inspiring that I made an EXS24/Sampler version of it - Decent Sampler can be CPU greedy and clicky sometimes-. I added filter control on the MW and reso on the aftertouch. And looped the wavefiles, for long paddy textured drones.

    Awe-Synth01 November 2021