The story

Harmonic Constellation is a sample library inspired by the music of the spheres and stars.

It has three sound engines which are named after three different constellations. Each constellation controls a different sampled instrument which come together to create a beautiful sound which have endless possibilities.

LEO was sampled using an old Kalimba recorded through a tape recorder.

URSA was sampled by playing the natural harmonics of an acoustic guitar.

ORION was sampled through a sine wave outputting from a phone speaker recorded through a tape recorder.

All these sounds were further processed using Ableton and granulation effects to enhance them harmonically and add character to them.

It also has a convolution knob named “COSMOS” which has different impulse response options to be explored by the user and opens up new sound possibilities.

There are also three in built FX namely filter, reverb and drive to further polish your sound.

I have made a few presets for the user to get a head start and to know what is possible with the library.

Have Fun.


Reviews for Harmonic Constellations

  • Sound
  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Brilliant spaceyness

    Really creative use of recordings, plays great, beautiful interface

    ocean.ceol25 February 2023
  • Love this!

    Such a great collection of sound engines, loads of possible combinations for great etherial sounds!

    wildgoose789Samplist 07 March 2023
  • Wonderful sampler!

    A work of art in terms of both the GUI and sounds it can create!

    seattlesultan25 February 2023
  • 4 stars for sounds from the stars.

    I will definitely use that. Thank you for your work, Sanchitk

    FLH322 March 2023