Guillermo Rovira’s Reviews

  • It jumps out the speakers¡¡

    You can get a lot of variation from a small number of sounds. It has a very special room tone. Super clean samples. Responds well to compressors. Not only is it good for foley sounds as well but also as a battery kit. A different drum machine that jumps out of the speakers.

  • Four different sounds

    There are four layers of sounds. I like the sound and texture of the glass layer
    kind or an organ sound when playing chords, The other three are more on the atonal or sound fx , percussion world. The problem is that each layer is too disconected with the others. Thorns and Stem sounds do phase cancel together. All in all not bad as each of the sounds has it use in it´s own.
    And the graphic design is cool.

    Glass Roses07 June 2022