The story

I fell in love with this instrument first time I heard it back in 2007. At some point they became impossible to come across but fortunately I was given one to take care of for a period of time. Among all the music that eventually featured it, I decided one day to take on the painstaikingly long task of carefully sampling it.
This library is one installment of such recordings. It was recorded using a 2nd generation PanArt Hang Drum with Neumann, AKG and Shure mics in a studio in Condesa, Mexico City. The intention was to have an accurate representation of the C Pygmy hang drum with all its dynamic range. Some light effects as well as EQ options were added to the user interface to make the instrument a bit more versatile.

Two patches included. One in the original diatonic C Pygmy scale and one in a chromatic setup.


Reviews for Hi-Fi Hang S

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  • True to the tittle

    The recordings are top notch the dinamic range too.
    The included effects are standart. Clean and simple interface.
    Very little if no noise inside the samples without sounding dull. If you start changing its pitch or mangling with your own effects the tone and resolution of the instrument speaks by itself. There are no fireworks or sound design, tricks or rythms inside but what is on offer is very higt quality.

    Guillermo Rovira26 January 2024