The story

A cheap plastic fife from a well known brand. The instrument was sampled by a novice flautist, with a blanket over the head, in a very boxy room using a Zoom H2N portable recorder. This monophonic instrument features 1 velocity layer, 3 round robins and true legato.

I’ve made some significant changes to the sfz file.

The main changes have been in the timings used for the legato transitions – making them much more snappy. As part of this I’ve also managed to figure out how to have separate release triggers that don’t bleed over the legato transitions, and I’ve balanced some of the sample volumes and attack times.

Other than that I put in velocity sensitivity (that also tracks a filter to change the tone of quieter notes) as suggested by a reviewer – the “dynamics control” controls this, with 0% being full dynamic range, and 100% being no dynamic range. And there are some additional controls – expression and air – on cc11 and cc1 respectively for standard control.

I’m not going to update the zip hosted on pianobook as it takes a while to upload, but you can download just the updated sfz on my github, here: [either right click “Legato Fife v 1-2-B.sfz”, then “save linked content as..” OR click the “code” drop down menu and select “download ZIP”

If you want to see any other features just leave a review below and I’ll see if I can get around to it.



Legato Fife Demo SFZ sampled instrument

Reviews for Legato Fife

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  • A nice, simple legato flute

    Woodwind instruments are always something I am looking for. Every single one sounds different, from the initial attack, to the air that comes out constantly as you press down the key.

    Even though Sforzando instruments are not as loved as DecentSampler ones, this one works perfectly fine, with nice legato transitions, 3 round robins, and an extra release slider that can give the instrument a staccato-like articulation, or a longer, more natural release.

    The inclusion of round robins is always nice, and it also affects the transitions because of a slightly different attack each time. Sometimes it may be a little more different so the transition may seem a little less natural, but it still a very welcome feature nonetheless.

    Alex Raptakis22 September 2022
  • More than it looks like!

    I love the tone of the instrument. Works very well doing short notes and longs are very expresive, and really long 20 seconds. Legato transitions sound natural to me too. The pity is that it is not velocity sensitive. This can be overcomed by using velocity to automate volume and an a filter cutoff (easy to do in most DAWS) Add some conv. reberv and it sounds wonderfull.
    I find the result for sampling a bad quality instrument is impresive.

    Guillermo Rovira20 September 2022
  • Pipe of Pieces

    A lot of work has gone into the recording and revised scripting of these samples but at the moment it still feels like a work in progress. The sfz format is quite accessible but, in my experience, not all sfz players will correctly play the legato transitions and converting to kontakt seems like a non-starter. That said, there is a good amount of character in the samples that should justify the download alone and in skilled hands (not mine) and given the right sfz platform this could be quite an expressive instrument.

    TheButlerDeclines01 November 2022