Forrest Love’s Reviews

  • Awe inspiring

    So much going on with every note oozing with character and intrigue. Immediately wisks you into another world. Lots of texture and variation in the lows and highs. Spent far too long noodling away, I would definitely recommend checking this out if not to cheer you up. Plus, anything with a size knob has to be good.

    Awe-Synth15 October 2021
  • A cassette labeled "nostalgia"

    Wow, imagine stumbling through boxes in your attic and you come across a cassette with "nostalgia" sharpied haphazardly onto the front. This is whats on that tape. Oozing with imagery at every touch, I find myself yearning for a time which feels familiar, but one I never knew. The tape loop patch gives theses vibes especially well with its crackly and wavering tone.

    Cassette Tape Organ15 October 2021
  • A memory

    This piano reminds me of going over to my cousins house for dinner with my parents when I was younger and banging away on their piano, as we did not have one at home. It has a great warm sound like my cousins upright, with the lovely addition of a soft pad if one pleases. My only complaint, which I believe another person already mentioned, is that on the decent sampler version, which is the only one I have, the loudest velocity layer is a little harsh for my taste. Looking past that, it is a truly outstanding sounding piano.

    The King’s Upright15 October 2021
  • I've never felt so warm and fuzzy inside a piano

    A great soft tone that takes the labs soft piano sound a step further. Love the ability to play all the noises from inside the piano with out any notes, leads to some fun rhythmic toys. However, at the end of the day it is just a piano so it isn't an especially unique sound but it's still inspiring nonetheless.

    Claustrophobic Piano15 October 2021
  • Spurs to Sooth the Soul

    Brilliantly soft and delicate the Soft String Spurs offer a great tool for inspiring intimate moments or to add a layer of focus to your silky strings.

    Soft String Spurs15 October 2021