The story

I was looking for inspiration for a library music project and decided it was about time I put my modest modular system to test. Using a Crave for Oscillator, LFO and Filter duties, I then ran the patch through Clouds with a pitch envelope controlled by Maths and then FX Aid shimmer. Originally designed for an angry low end sound, the patch evolves into a more sparkling yet haunting high end. The sound was then sampled as a monolith with 3 round robins to capture the variation from the LFO and then auto-generated into a DecentSampler patch using my monolith generator scripts.


Reviews for Awe-Synth

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  • Poweful

    I've been playing with this instrument for a week now, and I've been so inspired! I made a little demo, too. It has so much possibilities. It sounds fantastic when it gets tuned up or down too.
    Love the reverb, the space is so imaginative!
    The controls are amazing and very responsive.
    The sound reminds me of a bunch of evil horns flowing through Space.
    Marvellous work, Stephen!

    Andrea GiordaniSamplist 18 November 2021
  • Great For Sci-Fi

    Nice pad with lots of movement.

    Tyler12 October 2021
  • Epic

    What a fantastic sound

    thomasgrantSamplist 14 October 2021
  • Awesome

    Lovely warm analog sound. Has potential use in a wide range of music genre.

    Harley12 October 2021
  • Sounds Like the Earth

    It sounds as beautiful as the earth. I love the high detuned layers. Low keys are cinematic and awesome. I can play it all day! Thank you : まるで地球の大自然のように美しい音がします!チューンから外れた高い音のレイヤーが特に気に入りました。低いキーもシネマティックで最高です。一日中弾いてられるほど良いです!ありがとうございます

    Tateshi Starwalker07 November 2021
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