Stephan Scholzā€™s Reviews

  • Lofi Gold

    These are such inspiring sounds. The jazz organ is pure lofi gold. But the VocalSample1 is the best of the bunch. I took Raum by Ni on it and its so otherworldy great.

    Relic Keyboard12 October 2021
  • Thats also free?

    That is a great little selection of ethnic drums. The sample quality is top notch. But I cannot play these damn ethnic rythms. But thats my fault!

  • Stunning Sounddesign

    Great selection of moving pads. Especially the sunspots patch! Put some splosh on it and you can loop it forever. It never gets old!

  • Play it deep - Chills!

    great sound design and if you play it deep the bass chills your spine. I wrote it here that if you combine it with a Piano its just wow. And thats true!

    Harmonic Flights12 October 2021
  • Great spooky Soundscape

    Its sounds great and spooky in all octaves. But I had to tweak the attack and the reverb a bit to made it playable for me. And you have to play it slowly because of high squeeky tone thats very repetitive if you play faster.

    Awe-Synth12 October 2021