Jake Hendriksen’s Reviews

  • Delightful and Nostalgic, Yet Feels Widely Usable

    The Tape Loop is good and gritty, the Coby is lofi, mono, and a little darker, which are less to my taste, but definitely have their uses. The Technics, for me, is instantly pleasant and musical, with a remarkable range of timbres, thanks to the numerous sliders for various "stops" including but not limited to "Cello", "Flute", "Melodia", "Pedal", "Tbone", and "Var. Highs", "Var. Mids". Control over Attack, Tone & Dynamic Range, Reverb and Release, as well as panning of individual "stops" makes this a particularly usable and functional interface, that allows a lot of control and flexibility in getting what you want from the instrument. I would love to see the Mod Wheel mapped to something by default, probably Tone. I feel like I've gotten sounds ranging from "1970's Instructional Safety Video" to "Reed Organ" to "80's synthpop" to bordering on "Cathedral Organ" out of this instrument.

    Cassette Tape Organ12 October 2021
  • This Gives Me Butterflies

    The range of options here is very exciting! Close, far and "balcony" mics, all sounding great, with wonderful velocity sensitivity. I got butterflies as I listened to the rolls on bass and snare in particular, but the chimes - with choice of hard or soft mallet! - and toms are also excellent. Playing with the "tune" setting on these provided further versatility, with a wider range of usable pitches being available to create. I would like to see at least some of these combined into a single virtual instrument if possible, but in the meantime, there is much that can be done with this excellent sample pack!

  • Unique and great sounds.

    There's a lot here! There are three instruments in this pack, and I will try to touch upon each individually.

    The Adventitous Bass has 5 synth-bass sounds, and they all sound very good. However, I find the way the sounds are divided across the keyboard a bit confusing, and leaves me wishing the sounds were set up separately, with each sound being stretched further across the keyboard. I'm actually planning to modify it this way myself.

    The Adventitous Kit seems like it was made with filmmaking and sound design - particularly for suspense or horror films - in mind. Synths groan and screech, while more organic sounds click, warble, and rattle. There's a lot of fun to be had and use to be gotten here.

    Adventitous Textures has 4 unique end engaging sounds, with a vintage vibe to them. One is an organ, though the sound source for the others is much more elusive. For me, these all evoke a time now distant but not yet forgotten. Similar to the bass above, I found the split of the 4 unique sounds across the same keyboard a bit confusing, and suspect I would prefer them as separate instruments.

    I realize now that in saying that, I am wishing this 3-instrument pack was a 10-instrument pack, but I feel that the quality of these sounds could bear that weight.

    Adventitious23 March 2022
  • A host of percussive, organic sounds from around the home.

    The sounds in this instrument are clean and strong. Most are quite musical, with glassy, wooden, and metallic sounds of varying pitches and timbres; while a few other sounds are closer to the "sound effects" end of the continuum. I can definitely see myself using many of the more musical sounds in a way analogous to a drum kit.

    To that end, I found myself wishing that the sounds were organized more closely to a standard drum/percussion VST, with "kick", "tom", "snare", "cowbell", and other like sounds grouped together in a tighter logic around that sort of usability. As it is, the sounds, as described in the instrument's story, are ready for exploration; but they may take a little time to become familiar with.

    At Home Kit23 March 2022
  • The Instrument To Use When You Don't Want People To Notice It?

    I watched and loved Christian's video about the purchase and unboxing of this enigma, so I am definitely primed to look for and find the things I enjoy about this instrument: This instrument is mellow, almost to the point of sounding like a sine wave - though still rather musical. It spans the entire breadth of the keyboard without sounding too artifact-y at any point, which is remarkable. I concur with similar comments about portions of the lower registers - roughly D2 to B2 - sounding boomy and woofy. Below that, though, I was really surprised by the clear and strong bass... "it's a fcking celeste", after all, right?! It also appears that the "Attack" knob doesn't affect the sound; I can really picture a smoother attack making this into an interesting pad, and hopefully this is just a small oversight that can be addressed. I can picture myself using this instrument, not as a star performer, but as an ensemble player, doubling parts to add energy - without anyone other than me ever really knowing that it was there.

    Pitched Electric Celeste13 October 2021