The story

A family went into a cabin in the woods, far from the beaten path. As they opened the door to the living room it let out an ominous creak. They dare not enter… So, before fixing it with some WD40, I sampled it and made this instrument: Creaker.

The instrument consists of
– 38 door sound effects
– Playable door creak instrument with closing door sample on release
– Playable loop from the door creak as a small synth section
– An envelope to sculpt your favourite Creaker sound.
– FX: Chorus, Delay and Reverb Effects to scare your neighbours
– The filter can be automated with the LFO to create new deadly sounds.
– The mod wheel triggers both the tone and the delay time. turn up delay wet & lfo to make some mayhem.





Reviews for Creaker

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  • Useful for audio dramas.

    This will comer in very handy for any audio plays you might be creating, and could also be a freak form of percussion.

    David Alston03 March 2023
  • the best design.

    nicely chosen palette of keys. good sound, but I won't lie I haven't tried it yet. I know one thing for sure - I will include this library to look at the visual component.

    Aeropitune04 November 2022
  • Surprisingly musical

    This is a lot of fun. Certainly more fun than a creaky door has any logical expectation to be!

    The instrument is split into three sections. On the far left in lighter red is what I call "the sirens". Without effects, it reminds me a great deal of an air raid siren. Adding in the delay creates a delightful cacophony.

    To the far right is the "black" section of notes, that I approach as more of a percussive / found sounds section. There's some great little nuggets in here, and again, the delay turn these sounds into something more musical.

    My favorite section by far, though, is the center, darker red from C0 to C2. I would love to find out more about how this was made. While playing single notes, it's an almost synth-sounding chime. Once you start playing multiple notes at once, and particularly triads, the notes begin to scoop and slide up and down, meeting after a moment in a delicious chord. It reminds me of a pedal steel guitar, and I'm not aware of other virtual instruments that behave this way.

    Jake Hendriksen13 November 2022
  • Good Sound and Great Fun

    I can see that you have put a lot of time into this one and achieved a fascinating result.
    Thank You for the share.

    LNW02 November 2022