bigcol1962’s Reviews

  • Harmony without the retune pain

    I do so love this. I had been trying to write a song with about 8 chords and having to record my ever retuned guitar with admittedly not the best microphone and a few snapped strings on the way and then... This is so well recorded, the dynamics and velocity layers are spot on. As a guitarist turned keyboard composer this was a joy to play with, producing pretty much what I wanted to hear at first pass. As for the note panning... it added a whole new dimension with no programming involved which meant I had more time to concentrate on the 'Thang' : Hats off to you Mike! A sterling piece of work.

    MG Steel String Harmonics04 November 2021
  • FM Magic

    I love this patch, having used it in a couple of my pieces. A very varied selection of settings and the pad sound with LFO are divine. I actually replaced some symphonic strings with this for an ambient piece and it's the biz. Nice One Francesco :

    Mellow FM13 December 2021
  • Pizzicato Piano

    At first run through and play about, I did wonder where I could use this but it didn't take long before the compo' brain kicked in. Great percussive opportunities with this beastie and it has been used already in one of my pieces. Pizzicato piano, tuned percussion or...?? whatever you want it to be : Cheers Mr H'

    The Gaffer04 November 2021
  • Floaty Piano

    I really like this patch. The piano has a quirky, resonant glow to it. I've used it in 3 pieces now. Very good for ambient type tracks and equally responsive through the note range. A project well done & thank you :

    Trailer Ambient Tools04 November 2021