Tape Piano

The resonance of a piano blended through an old tape recorder....

The story

This is a simple, eerie hybrid instrument, for drone-like textures. I sampled an old upright piano at very close range, and just kept the resonant, swelling middle part of the note. This was then blended with the noise and clunk of an old tape recorder. The lower keys play the tape mechanism on its own, then the piano begins further along the keyboard. At the very top of the keyboard are some strange glitchy sounds. The instrument is presented with very minimal effects, but you can vary the blend of piano and mechanical noise.

Requires Kontakt 6.


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  • Layering

    hmmm, I think this would be nice for layering on-top of a synth with more body, mainly the higher notes, it has a cool, noisy tape sound that i like but also a kind of nasal quality i don't like so much. It however can be kind of unsettling which can work well in certain contexts

    septemberwalk21 October 2021
  • If you're expecting a piano think again...

    This instrument gives you nasly sort of pad sound that personally I don't know how usable it is. It isn't that tweakable, however I've sat with the instrument for a while now and I've find where this library excels is in the mid to low end where you can create some wonderful atmospheric single note drones. Hot Tip: Add a tremolo plugin for a bit of movement and it sounds great!

    R.Treves18 October 2021
  • Oh my god this is so well made!

    The GUI, the settings, the key colours, and the sound themselves, everything is perfect! I have only one request though - either add one single key that plays only the noises without a pitch, or it would be ever if there was a volume knob for the notes as they are for everything else. But, with that said, I can't not give it a perfect score. Cheers!

    Alex Raptakis17 October 2021