The story

Over the past year I have started experimenting with capturing my own impulse responses, and found that using some unusual sounds can provide a really interesting textures and effects. For example recording a rainstick, crunching ice, or sand slipping from your fingers, then manipulating the audio to my liking.

A few months ago after finding a some interesting videos involving sampling on YouTube, including David Hilowitz Music and Stephen O’Connell, I discovered the pianobook community and all the great sample libraries on here. I started experimenting with sampling and scripting in KSP, discovering what was possible.

After I figured out the basics, I decided that I wanted to create a sample library that used a small collection of interesting and unusual convolution effects to manipulate the sound, which could then be adjusted with the GUI and/or automation.

Somnium uses samples of 3 basic waveforms captured from an analog synthesizer: triangle, saw, and square. You can blend between these waveforms by clicking and dragging the cursor position on the XY pad, or use the LFO to modulate the cursor position. Control the attack, decay, sustain, release, low pass and high pass filters. Add convolution effects with wet/dry or gain controls, and adjust the time, predelay or reverse the impulse. Add noise captured from a fuzz pedal. And filter through a captured rotary telephone speaker.

I really hope you enjoy this sample library! If you create anything using this sample library, I would be delighted to hear your creation. And please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions for future updates. Thanks!


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