The story

Named after the house it inhabits, recorded with a spaced pair of Rode M5 pencil condensers into a Focusrite 18i20 with ‘Air’ Mode engaged in a large stone tiled room.
The microphones were positioned behind the music stand, six inches apart, eight inches up from the soundboard.
Optional synth layer created in Serum.

A basic piano sample instrument sampled using the monolith system; due to time pressures only pedal up samples were recorded. The samples provided are raw; there is no sculpting EQ, pitch correction or other effects only notch filters to reduce unwanted resonates.
The Samples have been Noise Reduced using Izotope Rx though some noise and sounds from other occupants are present in some samples.



Reviews for Skyfall Piano

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  • muy bueno sonidos

    no soy musico profesional, soy aficionado a la musica , utilizo el fl studio peo hago algo de musica de oido, no sabia que existian sitios web como este mil gracias

    pising18 January 2024
  • Super Sky

    The tone of this is wonderful. It sound very delicate and atmospheric. The GUI picture is although I feel the controls could matcha little better. I'm not usually a fan of audible pedal noise but this one really works for me. Great.