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In the past couple years since releasing Micah’s Choir, we’ve been working on expanding that library to include legatos. Here is a preview of what we’ve been working on. This time around we brought in a wonderful singer from Greece; her name is Eleni Arapoglou.

With the left hand, you’ll find a lush ambient pad that is velocity sensitive. In the right hand, you’ll find a female vocal legato patch. Both pads and vocal dynamics are controlled by the modwheel, which can be reassigned to a controller of your choice by simply right clicking the whispy image in the middle of the GUI.

NOTE: If you aren’t hearing any vocal samples, please remember to use the mod wheel.

That’s all there is to it. Stay tuned for more…

Here are some playthroughs. If you like what we’re doing consider subscribing to our YouTube channel as we continue development.


Cordaro Rodriguez


Reviews for Pneuma (demo)

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  • Character
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  • Ok I'm ready for the full version! : )

    This is simply beautiful! Very playable! Ok when do we get the full version?! I'm very ready!

    dbp25 December 2022
  • Just Fantastic!

    Eccezionale. Non ci sono parole sufficienti.


    Kyflondip04 August 2023
  • Great Vocal Effect

    Tried and used the demo in a track, can't wait for the full release. recommend 100%.

    JE-ZEUS10 March 2023
  • Pneunominal!

    Produces an incredible sound that feels like a live vocalist has been conjured from your keyboard. This feels like the future!!!

    Alistair30 December 2022

    It's just incredible how inspiring it is. I was struggling to finish some of my work lately and it instantly filled the missing space in two of my compositions! The audio quality is superb and it sounds just magical. If someone didn't download it yet - DON'T WAIT, because it is just so good that you will wish that you had it sooner!

    Arc-I31 December 2022
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