How far can you go with only one sample?!

The story

Hi everyone !
Here’s my first attempt to make a kontakt instrument. It’s based on only one sample (natural harmonic on the 12th fret of my electric guitar) and I was curious to see how far I could go with it (without a clear idea of the desired outcome).
After a lot of layering and a lot of plugins used, here is the result : a kind of organ/synth/pad.

I couldn’t find a good name for this library but since it’s based on a single sample and there’s only one control button (linked to the modwheel) per patch, and also this is my first try, I just called it “one” (if someone has a better name, I take it).

I put a small demo (made very very VERY quickly !!!) using the different patches to show how it sounds. Obviously it’s far from perfect but I think it can be interesting in the lofi territory…

Hope you like it for what it’s worth ; )


PS : made within Kontakt 6.7.1


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  • A great bundle of synthetic sounds

    This is a great bundle of sounds that have been sampled very well, and it's kind of ridiculous that everything is based off of just one sample. My favourite is by far the fourth one called Synthy Organy II, but I also like the two arpeggiated ones a lot. They work perfectly fine and they are tempo synced! My only complain is that the 1st patch - Ghosts has a very obvious click every time it loops, but the rest are simply great.

    Note: The Creatures patch doesn't have the knob bound to the CC1/Modwheel by default.

    Alex Raptakis15 May 2022