Misty Flute

A wooden fife processed through reverb to make an ambient pad...

The story

When I was 14, me and my family visited Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, in the US. Whilst there, I became fascinated by the old instruments they used to play, the fife in particular. So, me being a very impulsive child, the next day I asked my mum if I could buy one. We went looking on the internet, and found a cheap, wooden fife, which we then purchased. Fast forward six years later, and I still can’t play the thing too well. At the very least, I can play it well enough to sample it, and that’s exactly what I decided to do.

I recorded the fife using my trusty Røde NT1-A microphone, recording 4 round robins per note. I decided to pitch the samples down two octaves, and re-render them in order to expand the range of the instrument from just over one octave, to just over three octaves. I then threw the samples through quite a bit of reverb to turn them into an ambient pad, and I really like how it sounds. It’s got a very mellow, and soft sound, whilst still containing a crisp high end. I also included a patch with just the dry fife so that people can edit it to their liking if the pad doesn’t quite work for them.

I’m getting a lot more comfortable with the XML coding required to make Decent Sampler libraries, so I decided to practice my chops with this one. It includes the usual reverb and filter knobs, but also has full ADSR control. Both patches also have velocity scaling to add that extra bit of spice.

I wanted to try adding true legato to this library, but in the end chose to forego that; I just wasn’t good enough at playing the fife to make all those transitions happen naturally, and trying to replicate them in a DAW is incredibly difficult, which I found out the hard way.

In the end, despite this library not completely reaching the heights I was aiming for, I’m still really happy with how it turned out, and would easily call this my best sampling work. I hope people can get a lot of use out of it!



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  • inspirational

    Great! Thanks!

    klari16 October 2021
  • Great instrument

    Love the flute. Some of these reviews read like copy from the J Peterman catalogue. No offence intended. :-

    Mike Black Box14 October 2021
  • Breath Flute Drone

    Im not that crazy about the dry patch but the pad patch is so amazing. Im already using it in a track. It has a really beautiful breathy, organic modulated sound that is very emotional

    septemberwalk13 October 2021
  • Just needs a little tuning.

    This library is a fun little instrument to play with. The dry fife patch has an understandably limited range, but that can make it difficult to include in some competitions. There's also some scooping and tuning issues within the notes themselves. The pad patch is my personal favorite and has long and drawn-out echoes giving a very ethereal and wilderness-like vibe.

    christopher13 October 2021
  • I-magine!

    You're on a Mission into the dense interior of Paraguay; the jungle air is claustrophobic but somehow also light and sweet. The sound echoes with hints of Buddhist temples and the cobbles of beneath Brooklyn Bridge, and with just a touch a reverb you are in an outer space that is no longer silent.

    Nostalgiasmith14 October 2021
  • Wow! What an instrument!

    This sample pack is breathtaking! the sound you get from the PAD sounds is incredible! the reverb on this in my opinion is superb and the decay is just enough not to meld into the next key when pressed. Fab job! on a more suggestive note, the GUI could be improved in some way as in make it a little more attractive, certainly for the Fife sample but thats only a minor thing, so Great work and look forward to hearing some other things from yourself!!

    Npavely112 October 2021