The story

This is my sample library of my lovely Apollo Melodiker which I acquired a good few years back at the Cambridge folk festival. I was going to sample 2 dynamic layers for the main notes, but tested a couple and realised it was not needed, so I’ve created a second layer which is a breath sound only to kick it at higher velocities. A couple of the notes i’ve zoned across more than one key, but otherwise most notes are samples. I have also Zoned the bottom note down to the C2 below for playing convenience where as the actually instrument stops at F2. I Hope you all enjoy it! great with a little Reverb on!

Selene - rescore (feat Melodical Library)

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  • very cool

    looking for that 'gorrilaz' sound and i prefer a virtual instrument b/c i'm a perfectionist. this is great!

    DrDutch25 March 2022
  • cool' unique

    I enjoyed this. thanks for the pack!

    Johnathan13 October 2021
  • Something different for sure!

    Pretty straightforward, but an excellently recorded melodica. If you have a project that needs this type of instrument, it sounds great, but maybe isn't for every project. However, I have found that the reverb adds a ton of character! Also, try bringing up the attack and release to half, it becomes a neat sounding pad synth.

    Ada MaskilSamplist 26 November 2021
  • Its a melodica...

    Its a melodica... If you need one, now you've got one! Not the most commonly sampled instrument so its nice that there's one here. That's what's great about PB!

    R.Treves20 October 2021
  • The perfectly sampled melodica!

    This patch will give you the perfect, pristine sounding melodica that you are possibly looking for. It's also very responsive, and programmed really well too. The dry unprocessed sound will take easy anything you slap on it, so you can shape it pretty much any way you want. With the included settings you can make it sound like a very smooth pad as well. It's really up to you!

    Alex Raptakis03 November 2021
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