King’s Choir

A sample instrument of reimagined 'found sounds' and songwriting session hot mic outtakes.

The story

Sound 1: A short “OOO” sung into an Aston Origin; time stretched & printed through FabFilter Pro-R. The sample is formant shifted within Kontakt with an LFO effecting the size and frequency range of the shift.

Sound II:
Two strikes of a ceramic flower pot struck with an oak drum stick recorded with an Sonarworks reference microphone from above. One pitch shifted down an octave with Little Alter Boy and the Unfiltered Audio Tails Shimmer; the other shifted down again post Little Alter Boy with Things Texture. Both hits with aux sends to two different Valhalla Supermassive reverb patches.

Sound III:
Recorded with same Aston Origin a ‘Hydro Flask’ was bowed along the base edge with a heavily resined Viola Bow. Time stretched and pitch shifted down an octave with Little Alter Boy, then send through Valhalla Supermassive with high density, feedback & warp. When “Growl” is activated the sample is changed so that while the pitch is shifted down the formant remains unchanged.

All noise reduction with Izotope RX
Pitch Correction with Wave Tune and Logic Pro Flex Pitch.

My first foray into making custom graphics and GUI.

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