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Date: 5 January 2023
By: Scott J Mason (SJMusic)

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– Kontakt 6.7.1

After years of experiencing terrible and cheap kalimbas, my wife bought me a proper one from the world music store in Christchurch NZ. Of course I had to sample it.

As it was a simple 5 note pentatonic kalimba, I have stretched out the notes to make an acceptable chromatic octave and a half (B3 to G4).

The top 3 knobs are the different groups of samples (with 5 round robins each), and the bottom knobs affect the output from these groups. I’ve done something slightly different and included a room/chamber reverb as a set of samples, to be used with the close mic’d group.

So, it goes something like this:

CLOSE – The dry and close mono recording of the kalimba.
ROOM – A 100% room reverb based on the samples from CLOSE. Best used with CLOSE.
TAPE – The same samples run through some tape plugins to give a wider, slightly wobbly and saturated sound.

VOLUME – The overall volume/expression of all output.
PHASIS (FX) – Gives a lovely faux stereo dreamy feel to the CLOSE samples. Best used with CLOSE.
HALL (FX) – A big hall convolution reverb that works best with the CLOSE and TAPE groups.

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  • Dreamy Kalimba!

    I've played around with about 7-10 different kalimba sample packs and this one is by far the dreamiest. I love it! But you can also get the samples super dry. This makes this a very flexible instrument: It can do the mysterious and magical melodies and also the rhythmic/percussive stuff. Great work. My only criticism is the fact that the knobs drag left/right instead of up and down, which I find harder to do with my computer mouse.

    dekoningtanSamplist 11 January 2023
  • Not your average Kalimba!

    The Kalimba Sansula differs from its 'stock' cousin by the addition of a big resonating chamber, and the effect is apparent in this library! Scott's Kalimba has a beautiful mellow tone, which can be further sculpted by the different mic / group knobs, as well as some effects. It has a limited range like the original instrument, but this helps to keep the tone sounding even and consistent across every note. With multiple RRs, it sounds very natural, but I would've loved to have some different velocity layers to make the instrument even more responsive. Throwing the Factory arpeggiator script on it also provides a free extension to the playability.
    I'd also advocate for the up/down knob(/slider) functionality mentioned by dekoningtan, for consistency with general knob behaviour in Kontakt.

    EamonSamplist 14 January 2023