The story

I used to play this accordion when I was a kid. It was so heavy I would need an adult to help me get it out of the case, and even then I was a little worried that it would fall on me and I would be stuck there forever. Luckily the spirit of the Yankovics- Al or Frank- your choice, was with me, and I lived to begin sampling this beast. What you’re hearing now is just a preview of the #5 button on the left-hand side, and just some of the unison notes, sampled with my phone. The higher notes are some short bits that I paulstretched to be unnaturally long. The low octave is almost pipe organesque when pitched down. If this gets favorable reviews, I may attempt to deep sample the whole thing with nice mics. If it gets trashed, and come now, are you really taking time out of your day to trash a free sample library made with a phone? In that case I shall just let a giant accordion fall on me and re-evaluate life’s true purpose.

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  • A kinda cinematic accordion, maybe?

    This might be the most interesting take I've heard on the accordion. It has this very weird texture, in a good way, that makes it kind of cinematic to my ears. It feels somehow uncanny to me for some reason, but again, in a good way. Was it really recorded with a phone? Damn.

    Alex Raptakis26 December 2021
  • YES! But...

    Very beautiful! But now there are a lot of samples missing...please?

    sK3LeTvM06 November 2022
  • An interesting mix of sounds from a quality accordion

    A synthy upper register (presumably the 'unnaturally stretched short notes') with a more traditional sound in the middle and really big bass sound. The phone mic has functioned surprisingly well for decent sound quality but there are some anomalies with the instrument/samples themselves that make it difficult to play. Mainly there is a strange and inconsistent latency between different reeds (octaves) on the notes so the bass octave kicks in some interval after the treble, and at least one of the notes has a stop-start.

    This iteration of the instrument has fairly limited usefulness for me, but I think there is a lot of promise for a sequel based on the lovely tone of the instrument, even through a phone mic. I hope Jay will bless us with a deep-sampled and slightly more consistent version of the instrument in future because I think there is potential for a really good quality accordion sample instrument here!

    EamonSamplist 26 December 2021
  • Unique texture but kind of unpredictable

    This sound definitely resembles an accordion but seems to have some hybrid sound design going on too. Im not a huge fan of accordions most of the time but i think they can work really well in certain contexts. Its definitely a cool sound and its cool to have these kinds of instruments on pianobook but the thing is, its kind of unpredictable and not very playable. Some notes have an immediate attack while others have a slow attack making it hard to play. From the beginning of the range the attack is fast. Then once you get to A2, not only does the attack switch to slow but it randomly drops down an octave too.
    Then around C4 it goes back to fast attack but theres also another octave jump. Maybe this is how the instrument works and im just not aware of it. Being that i would already never really use an accordion and the weird way this is layed out with what i mentioned above, i probably won't be using this. I think the texture themselves are really cool though and it could be fun to mangle these sounds with effects, reversing them etc. I dont want to dissuade anyone from checking this out, its pretty cool but i have to be honest that it doesn't really work for me.

    septemberwalk25 December 2021
  • Some interesting textures

    This is not so much a complete playable instrument - and clearly isn't designed to be so - but more of a collection of different accordion "sounds". As such it could be useful for some accordion "texture" or a simple scale or some hits.

    Mark Lord27 December 2021