The story

This was given to me by a guy I met only once about 5 years ago. He was living in my bands practice room, which was an old religious cult temple located in the middle of nowhere Otago NZ. He had made it for some reason and decided to gift it to me as I was a drummer/percussionist. I’ve never seen him again.
I had never played an udu before this but it’s a really cool wee drum instrument that I have used on a few projects. I particularly like the main deep palming of the top hole sound. With the right reverb, it’s sounds like a mega processed kick drum.
I’ve thrown in some reverb and delay, and included a drum articulation performance view that is quite fun to play with.
I accidentally saved it as a Kontakt 6.7.1 file. Sorry to version 5 users! I will attempt to make a decent sampler version unless someone beats me to it.

Homemade Udu Demo


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  • More than you initially expect!

    This is a great, great udu percussion instrument that consists of 8 different hits. Every single hit sounds crispy clean, responsive, boomy and crispy, all the goodies. They all come with 4 round robins, but the fun doesn't stop there.

    If you manage to locate the extra "Articulations" tab in the GUI, you will realise that you can individually create custom articulations based on each key. As a downside, you "lose" the main articulation, but you can always revert to it, create mult-patches, or load multiple instruments in your daw. It would definitely be more user-friendly if there were implemented in a different way by default, and it would definitely be better if there were no tabs. Everything seem to fit easily into one page anyway.

    With that said, it's an awesome percussive patch, even without the articulations! For the tiny 6MB filesize, this is just an easy recommendation to everyone.

    Alex Raptakis30 August 2022
  • Free Udus

    How did this guy make this and just give it to you? haha. Great story and really well recorded. A neat, simple percussion instrument to add to the library.

  • Udu want to download this instrument!

    Before I even knew what sampling was, an udu was the first instrument I 'accidentally' sampled - using loops of the few good sounds I managed to make as it was incredibly difficult to get a consistent, reproducible tone from the instrument. Scott's instrument provides an extremely playable version with great sound and good consistent tone across a number of articulations, providing a good option for getting a nice Udu sound in your track.
    There is also an extra tab with a number of additional 'standard' drum articulations (flams, rolls, etc.). From what I could gather, these will only work if assigned to a key within the normal assigned keyrange of the instrument (ie replacing a standard articulation), despite the knob allowing selection of the full keyrange - this may be a bug or a case of user-error, though.

    Overall a very usable pack for when udu find yourself in need of some ancient folk percussion sounds. Thanks Scott!

    EamonSamplist 17 September 2022