Homemade Udu

Four round robins of mono samples recorded in my iso booth. Various udu hits and techniques, some recorded externally and some with the mic facing down the sound hole.

The story

This was given to me by a guy I met only once about 5 years ago. He was living in my bands practice room, which was an old religious cult temple located in the middle of nowhere Otago NZ. He had made it for some reason and decided to gift it to me as I was a drummer/percussionist. I’ve never seen him again.
I had never played an udu before this but it’s a really cool wee drum instrument that I have used on a few projects. I particularly like the main deep palming of the top hole sound. With the right reverb, it’s sounds like a mega processed kick drum.
I’ve thrown in some reverb and delay, and included a drum articulation performance view that is quite fun to play with.
I accidentally saved it as a Kontakt 6.7.1 file. Sorry to version 5 users! I will attempt to make a decent sampler version unless someone beats me to it.

Homemade Udu Demo


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