The story

Haunted Glass is derived from a session of bowing a wine glass while using the water level to change the pitch. Some post-processing was done to give it its haunting characteristics. The main patch contains three sonics layers. Layer one is the bowed glass, layer two is a light synth sound, and layer three contains a low ominous drone. The second patch is a more dissonant performance full of wavering pitch and overtones. The instrument is powered by the Photosynthesis Engine GUI and works on Kontakt Version 5.8.1 or above


Reviews for Haunted Glass

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  • Mesmerizing!

    This quickly became one of my favourite Pianobook instruments (and I have really seen them all). The atmosphere, the textures, the options, and overall quality, everything is absolutely astonishing. It's based on the Photosynthesis engine, but it's incredibely customized, and everything works perfectly well, even the Sequencer!

    If I have to complain about something, it's that the notes in the main patch don't last forever. They do last around 10 seconds, which is more than enough in most cases, and you can blend them very easily with repeating the same note. They seem to loop perfectly fine on the other two patches though!

    Excellent work nonetheless. Instant favourite, absolute recommendation! Cheers to Joe!

    Alex Raptakis24 January 2022
  • Top Notch!

    Beautiful, complex, and instantly inspiring. One of the my. favorites on here so far.

    android61525 January 2022
  • Lovely and Inspiring Instrument

    This is a truly beautiful and unique instrument. I am really happy to have stumbled upon it. Highly recommended!

    Stephanie11 April 2022
  • Really Beautiful

    Thanks so much for developing this. It's more characterful than glass instruments I've paid for. But it's not about money - this is a really haunting tone. Very recommended!

    Alesus17 April 2022
  • Haunting Indeed, but beguilingly so

    I finally get to use the word! Hey Christian, I hope you're watching!

    Regarding this instrument, it really does possess a unique, ambient-but-rich character. The drones and the main are sweetly interdependant; they work very well together as a duo, but can totally strut their stuff on their own if need be. Though "strut" might be the wrong word, it more be a like a slow, haunting dance across a deserted ballroom. The GUI and functionality is thorough and gives opportunity for a variety of different timbres, especially edgier ones with that distortion that's included, yuck! (And by that I mean YUM!)

    It may be worth looking into that I personally couldn't get the step sequencer working for me, but I wouldn't be suprised if that's down to user error or ignorance. I'm special that way, me ma would always say.

    Great stuff, looks as good as it sounds, insane that it's free. Amen.

    JoelWyb25 January 2022