The story

I started sampling my voice for the Winter Voices project and got a little carried away with the process of recording to a little 1950’s Fuji Cherry tape machine and an Old Sanyo dictaphone. I created some rather dusty sounding recordings, all of which got dragged through various stages of processing from tape to daw and back again. I also recorded a few of the machine noises as well tape hiss (Did I mention I got carried away)

The script is open so feel free to use this and the other resource files, if you like.


Reviews for Dirty Tape Vox

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  • Gave me the creeps!

    A trully unique Pianobook instrument that came out very unexpected for me. At first I just loved the simple Tape Noise patch, which is something that you can use pretty much everywhere.

    I was very impressed with the sounds overall, but the ADSR doesn't really seem to work probably. The attack actually does nothing for me, and the Release just keeps the sample for longer instead of making it fade away, which is not the purpose of the release setting. There is no mod-wheel control either, so the release problem is something that can be fixed by automating the volume.

    I really the graphics though, though I would have put a heavy noise texture instead of a flat dark gray, just to match the instrument theme.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Inspiring

    This is a joy to use. In the right context it's a box full of inspiration. Kudos to people for taking the time to do these.

    armyourears21 October 2021
  • The stuff of nightmares! In a good way

    This library sounds incredibly different to most vocal libraries. Thin, airy and creepy sounding, this is perfect for Horror or thriller scores. The Tape Vox & Tape Vox Stretched patches are really only useable as single note drones. But work perfectly in that context. The Tape Noise patch is a great touch and something I'll find a lot of use for as a hip-hop producer! Nice work!

    R.Treves18 October 2021
  • An okay instrument with some chamber-choir vibes

    The feel is nice and technically well made. The sound doesn't feel that unique, but the tape sound makes it feel very unique.

    Heikki KetolaSamplist 13 October 2021
  • GUI seems unresponsive

    Although these sounds dont suit my style i think they would work really well for a tension build up or some spooky electronic music. I think the tape noise patch is pretty cool if you dont have any other plugins tat generate tape noise. You can also control it with midi which is useful. The vocals are creepy and other worldly. The GUI wasn't responsive for me for some reason, moving the attack up didn't seem to change the attack of the note and moving the release up , it would just keep sustaining forever even when i moved the knob back down so i had to just close out the instrument

    septemberwalk27 October 2021
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