A single C from an acoustic nylon guitar stretched and manipulated....

The story

Time ago I started experimenting with recording and sound design, looking for ways to create interesting instruments by recording simple sources (like an electric wire) and integrating those sounds into my Layers engine.
Cuitar is one of those experiments: A single C note from my acoustic nylon guitar, recorded in the bathroom with a smartphone, and processed from time to time to find a way to turn that single sound into something interesting.
It was meant to be just a quick experiment for myself, but after a while it started to sound ok, so it’s my hope that someone will find it useful.

The instrument includes 3 patches: “Cuitar”, “Cutiar Pad” and “Cuitar Atmos”.

This instrument doesn’t follow the preferred directory structure because one thing I learned doing it is that Kontakt doesn’t understand directories when compressing sounds, and I used duplicated file names, so the included sounds are the original ones. Sorry about that!


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  • Interesting guitar based textures

    This library is really interesting, because one wouldn't guess that a guitar was the original sample source. It's much more organ-like than anything else. Lots of time and effort clearly went into the GUI, but it's not immediately clear what the controls do, and after experimenting with them for a few minutes, you come to realize that the changes they impart are generally not particularly useful ones, and don't really impart that much change. Obviously, others may feel very differently about it than I do. Overall, this is a fun experiment, and many find find these sounds useful in their mixes.

    Sam Ecoff20 October 2021