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Introducing a unique sample pack inspired by my recent journey to Tuscany – the “Coro di Cicale” featuring the remarkable Giacomo as I’ve named the former namesless cicada for simplicity.

This collection captures the mesmerizing sounds of a cicada choir, with a standout star, Giacomo, a single cicada whose voice promises to be the sensation of cicada choirs worldwide in the near future. Giacomo’s voice is featured prominently in this pack, and a portion of his enchanting melody is also used as a very small looping element (only 32 samples) to infuse an additional layer of melodic ambiance. The sounds of the entire field, with the harmonious chorus of cicadas, serve as a backdrop, and Giacomo’s voice, processed through a granular delay, adds a touch of atmospheric charm to the cicada choir.

The pack provides a range of controls, including:
– **Attack and Release:** Self-explanatory for shaping the sounds.
– **Field:** An IR Hall with a reverb tail collected from the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany.
– **Chorus and Delay:** Global effects that enhance the overall experience.
– **Drive 1 and Drive 2:** These controls imbue Giacomo’s voice with extra texture and saturation, courtesy of the granular delay processing.
– **Low Pass:** Tailor the tonal character of the entire cicada choir to suit your creative needs.

While it is truly astonishing how pitch-stable these cicadas, and of course particularly Giacomo, can sustain almost exact pitches for several minutes, even throughout the entire night, it’s essential to recognize that these are natural sounds, subject to subtle pitch variations. I’ve made diligent efforts to select the most stable recordings, but there will still be some natural fluctuations due to the source material’s organic nature. Nonetheless, these variations can enhance the authenticity of the cicada choir. Especially when triggering the lower tones, you can savor the rhythmic pulsations of the cicada song as the individual chirps transform into low-frequency organic pulse patterns. Giacomo, our hidden gem, shines brilliantly within this choir, captivating listeners with his exceptional voice.


Reviews for Coro Di Cicale

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  • Such an excellent pad sound!

    When I tried this instrument I could not believe how good it sounded! I certainly did not expect this from a "chorus of cicadas". Thank you so much for putting this together, it is unexpected but really briliant in my view. It triggered me to start immediately working on a new song with that sound as a basis. Please continue working on such nice sounds in the future! Thank you!

    Jaime's Tone06 November 2023
  • Bravo Giacomo

    Love recordings of flora and fauna.

    Sound is pristine.

    Only issue I have is how the pulse of the chirps is slower with the low notes and faster with the high notes. Obviously this is unavoidable when working with Primadonnas like Giacomo and his Cicada Siblings. But it does somewhat limit the applications for my use.

    Kaze30 October 2023