The story

A drum is a drum no matter your point of view, but when you lean your ear right next to the body of the drum, it sounds different from when you stand on the other side of the room. Experience the different perspectives of being on the drum, inside the drum, beside the drum, zooming towards and away from the drum, circling around the drum, and panning from one side of the drum to the other. Get intimate with the drum as the quietest vibrations tickle your ears or observe from afar as the powerful tremors shake your body.

The Bilocation Drum captures the essence of experiencing a sensation in multiple locations.The drum itself was recorded with three microphones, an AKG C414 close to the drum, a Neumann U87 near the drum (slightly further and about 2 feet higher than the 414), and a AT822 stereo mic far from the source. You can mix these mics to create the exact proximity to the drum that you desire. Additionally, the Sample Pack features sounds from different parts of the drum, the center of the drumhead, the midpoint between the center and the edge of the drumhead, the edge of the drumhead, the side of the drum, and the handle of the drum. Each of these parts feature and attack from the drumstick and from fingers. The special palette of the Sample Pack includes moving the drum and the attack method around rather than a static sound from one location.

The Team:

Rachel Yee (she/her) is a spatial audio artist who brings fictional scenarios to life in immersive theatrical experiences. Her works alter sounds from the real world to fabricate a new reality that explores humanity and what it means to be human through the sonification and personification of the romanticization of supernatural beings in Young Adult and New Adult media. She studied Technology In Music And Related Arts at Oberlin Conservatory (amongst other things).

Brayden Carr (they/them) is a Texas-based composer, filmmaker, and punk listener obsessed with finding artistic order within chaos, and vice versa. They are currently studying composition at Southwestern University, exploring the musical and cinematic narratives behind rigid patterns and algorithms.

Gratitude for the New York Arts Project for bringing Sound / Music / Film focused interns/assistants to Brooklyn Based Multi-instrumental Composer, Songwriter and Sundance Fellow Christopher North (he/his).


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