Pianos are unique instruments: both a set of complex mechanics and a beautiful piece of furniture. The complexity of building a piano means that no two pianos are completely alike. Different manufacturers have their own methods of building pianos, which leads to a whole range of tonal differences. As a piece of furniture, they become entwined into the lives of their owners. They become part of a family or institution.

Every piano has a story.

Pianobook aims to capture the stories and sounds of pianos from a community of musicians and Piano enthusiasts. Whilst you cannot recreate the full experience of playing a real piano with with samples, something else magical can happen when you take a snapshot of a piano and play it back as a virtual instrument.

The joy of it is, sampling a piano doesn’t need anything particularly complex, and many musicians will already have what they need to do it.

To celebrate Piano Day 2019 we have a first set of submissions from the fantastic Pianobook community. Give them a play, leave comment for the contributors and go create some inspirational Piano music!

And if you want to make your own samples, check out the How to Sample guide and the Submit your Piano to the library.