Kristiansand Concert Steinway

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This a 12 year old Concert Grand Steinway, bought at the opening of the new Kilden Theatre in Kristiansand, Norway. Kristiansand is a small town in the South of Norway, 2 direct flights in and out from London a week. The government here put money into the Kilden to provide art to the region, they value it’s importance. There is a resident Symphony Orchestra and this piano is often played during their concerts.

Day to day, the Piano rests quietly in a large cupboard next to the concert hall stage, until it gets wheeled out in front of the audience and shines. It’s the newer of the two main Grand Pianos they have here, a louder, clearer piano, used to stand out in front of the orchestra, though, is harder to play than the older one.

The night before recording I was lucky enough to see an excellent young Pianist playing with the Orchestra. They give younger soloists a chance to play public performances with the band, and it’s a very inspirational watch. Being able to record this beautiful piano on that stage was awesome!